The Essential Guide to Documenting Commercial Building Maintenance Tasks

Maintaining a commercial building is essential for the well-being of its property and occupants. To guarantee that all maintenance tasks are done correctly, it is important to document them in a comprehensive report. Images can be a valuable addition to the report, as they can help illustrate the condition of the equipment before and after maintenance activities have been carried out. The report should also include information about the type of maintenance being performed, where it was conducted, and the date it was completed. Preventive maintenance (PM) is a proactive approach to building maintenance that keeps critical building assets in good working order.

It is essential for commercial buildings to conduct regular preventive maintenance in order to avoid costly repairs before they occur and to keep the building in good condition over the years. Property managers and building owners can download free building maintenance checklist templates and customize them with items specific to a building or location. A good checklist for maintaining a building should include items such as safety inspections, reactive maintenance, preventive maintenance, and planned maintenance activities. It is also important to calculate your PMP (Preventive Maintenance Percentage) by dividing the total hours spent on planned maintenance activities by the total number of hours spent on all maintenance activities within a given period. This will help ensure that the value of the assets is maintained and that the health and safety of the building's occupants and the general public are not jeopardized. In conclusion, documenting commercial building maintenance tasks is essential for guaranteeing that all tasks are completed properly and that the building remains in good condition over time.

By using images, checklists, and preventive maintenance strategies, property managers and building owners can ensure that their buildings are safe and well-maintained.

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