What is a Building Maintenance Checklist? A Comprehensive Guide to Effective Maintenance

Doors and windows are essential components of any building, but they don't need to be replaced often. However, they may require minor repairs from time to time. Locks and hinges can start to wear out over time, and it's important to keep them in good condition for the safety of tenants. To make sure that all doors and windows are still strong and secure, it's best to inspect the small parts annually.

In addition to replacing the bulbs, you should make sure that the switches, transformers and all other control equipment are functioning properly. Cleaning lighting surfaces should be done regularly, but additional inspections can be carried out quarterly. When inspecting the lighting, be sure to ensure that the outdoor lights are working correctly and that they illuminate the intended areas. For instance, tenants will feel safe in a lighted parking lot, so you don't want to overlook that area. It's best to have high-priority areas, such as swimming pools, checked by a specialist every year and before periods of intensive use.

Otherwise, be sure to include plumbing inspections in your quarterly checklist. Indoor hazards in common areas and even inside rental units should be inspected regularly to avoid injuries. Broken floorboards, chipped paint, or loose lighting fixtures can create safety hazards. Keep a close eye on high-risk areas when performing preventive inspections. Like plumbing, checking the electrical system can be a challenge unless a problem occurs.

Plan to have a professional check your building's electrical system every four years. In some areas, there may be requirements for when this should occur, so check local laws to plan the preventive maintenance schedule for electrical items. The job of facility management teams is to maintain various aspects of building maintenance that are eroded by environmental conditions, wear out from frequent use, or simply expire due to the technical capabilities of the materials included. A good checklist for maintaining a building should include the following items to ensure that the value of the assets is maintained and that the health and safety of the building's occupants and the general public are not jeopardized.

Today We Explain The Building Maintenance Services Process And How To Set Up Your Plan To Effectively Address Preventive Maintenance

Building maintenance is the process of keeping all parts of a building in good condition so that it is safe, livable and does not need any repairs. Property managers and building owners can download free building maintenance checklist templates and then customize each checklist template with items specific to a building or location. What you need to succeed in this regard is a high-quality building maintenance guide, and RentPrep is here to help you create your own.

Maintenance checklists aim to detect developing problems and plan preventive maintenance before small problems become costly problems. While building maintenance requires a lot of time and effort, a good building maintenance checklist is worth its weight in gold. However, preventive maintenance tends to focus on the building in general and not on specific rental units. Although building maintenance costs appear in the income statement of P&L (income statement) as an item of expenditure, experienced real estate investors understand that having a good building maintenance program also helps to increase results. In the case of multi-family buildings in particular, deferred maintenance can lead to vacancies, reducing their cash flow, their return on cash and, ultimately, the value of their assets. Rather than responding to repair requests, using a building maintenance checklist requires preventive care for the building with a pre-established inspection schedule based on factors such as the time of year, type of tenants, and manufacturer guidelines. Prevention improves every time an inspection is performed, and previous inspection and maintenance reports serve as a guide for scheduling maintenance and preventing future equipment breakdowns.

A good checklist for building maintenance will guide you in increasing the value of the property, maintaining strong rental income and cash flow, and helping to ensure the health and safety of the building's occupants and the general public.

What Is A Facility Maintenance Checklist?

A facility maintenance checklist, also called a preventive maintenance checklist, is an invaluable safety tool for keeping a building safe through regular planning, checkups and maintenance activities. Since there are tasks that need to be completed more frequently and less frequently, it is recommended that a building create a daily checklist for facility maintenance and a monthly checklist for facility maintenance.

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