Cost-Effective Strategies to Maintain Commercial Buildings

Implementing cost-effective strategies for maintaining commercial buildings is essential for long-term sustainability. Regular inspections, proactive maintenance, and energy-efficient upgrades are key components of such strategies. In Australia, Geraldton's best property maintenance company provide specialized expertise in property upkeep. Just as cost-effective strategies require attention to detail, hiring professionals ensures that essential systems are functioning optimally. By integrating smart maintenance practices with reliable services, commercial properties can offer safe and efficient spaces for occupants while minimizing unnecessary expenses. So, while cost-effectiveness is a priority, investing in professional property maintenance services ensures that properties remain in prime condition without compromising the bottom line.

Reducing maintenance and operating costs starts with your teams knowing what to do. Your teams need technical training to be able to repair equipment correctly and complete preventive maintenance tasks, but also training on the type of culture that celebrates proper maintenance and collaboration. Regular training sessions may not seem like a top priority, but the more qualified the team is, the less time they have to spend waiting for instructions or help, and the less time other members of the team will have to go back to work. To get an idea of where to start, review your team's key performance indicators (KPIs) to see areas that need improvement.

The reporting panel in your facility management software can also provide useful information about the training your team may need. In fact, according to Reliable Plant, predictive maintenance saves 8-12% compared to preventive maintenance and a whopping 40% on reactive maintenance. By scheduling the periodic maintenance of assets based on your knowledge of them, you can reduce the risk of faults and breakdowns and the higher costs that these incidents usually incur. Although this will involve an immediate cost, it is an investment that pays off over time in the company's energy bill. Remember that, according to the EPA, approximately 35% of a building's energy costs are spent solely on lighting.

Switching to energy-efficient light bulbs can play an important role in reducing that part of total costs. This demonstrates the role that effective facilities management plays in retaining staff and also in supporting recruitment. Considering that the average cost of replacing an employee is estimated at around £30,000, keeping employees happy is a crucial way for FMs to ensure big savings for their company. The biggest expenses a small business office building owner incurs are real estate taxes and fixed expenses, such as building insurance. Those expenses represent more than half of the total operating costs for most commercial office building owners.

Maintaining a commercial property is impossible without knowing the equipment and systems that require periodic inspections and preventive maintenance. Following the same line of thinking, one of the most important maintenance cost management strategies is to follow a strict preventive maintenance routine. Around 17 percent of electricity consumption in commercial buildings goes to lighting, making it the biggest end use of electricity. Preventive maintenance is a proven way to reduce maintenance costs and extend the life of your assets. While regular preventive maintenance can help reduce surprises, be prepared for a “window of time” for large projects in case you have maintenance issues.

Repairing or replacing a commercial roof can be incredibly expensive, so the more roof maintenance you do, the better. Remodelling existing commercial buildings often involves modifications that improve energy efficiency or reduce energy demand. If you manage a portfolio that includes more than one property, each property must have its own maintenance book with specific maintenance details. Making changes to reduce the energy consumption of a commercial building can reduce current emissions and operating expenses and increase the value of the property, as changes in the expected future operating costs of commercial buildings tend to have a positive impact on the value of assets. A personalized maintenance report is crucial for documenting any routine or emergency maintenance service performed on a specific vehicle, equipment, or machine. With comprehensive reports, you can monitor your maintenance and identify any machine or facility that may be costing you more in maintenance costs than it is helping you generate profits.

In fact, it is estimated that around a third of total non-fixed operating expenses go to energy use in commercial buildings. To ensure cost-effectiveness when it comes to maintaining commercial buildings, it's important to invest in proper training for your teams so they know how to repair equipment correctly and complete preventive maintenance tasks efficiently. Additionally, switching to energy-efficient light bulbs can help reduce lighting costs significantly. Furthermore, following a strict preventive maintenance routine like hiring affordable companies such as Skip Bin Hire Bendigo to make sure your commercial wastes are removed, helps extend asset life while reducing costs. Finally, remodelling existing commercial buildings with modifications that improve energy efficiency or reduce energy demand can help reduce current emissions and operating expenses while increasing asset value.

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