The Ultimate Guide to Scheduling Commercial Building Maintenance Tasks

Commercial building maintenance is a complex and demanding task that requires a lot of attention and effort. From routine cleaning to inspecting electrical and HVAC systems, there are many responsibilities that need to be taken care of. Changing the filters in the HVAC units, cleaning the exterior glass, caring for the landscape and inspecting the roof are all important tasks that should be included in the building's maintenance plan. To ensure that all of these tasks are completed in an organized manner, it is essential to create a preventive maintenance program (PMP).

A proactive approach is needed to anticipate the inevitable, and nothing sets you up for success like a checklist for maintaining a building. This should include major construction systems, such as pipes, electricity and air conditioning, as well as the general condition and cleanliness of the building. Preventive maintenance involves a plan to maintain building assets that are still in operation. The commercial building maintenance contractor you hire must have the technical knowledge to inspect and fix minor problems with the HVAC system.

However, implementing a commercial maintenance checklist for your property protects employees, customers and tenants and keeps your property in the best possible condition. To calculate your PMP, divide the total hours spent on planned maintenance activities by the total number of hours spent on all maintenance activities within a given period. Every building, climate, and location are different, so a checklist for maintaining a commercial building ensures that all the unique needs of a particular building are addressed. Getting everyone used to performing preventive maintenance inspections on a regular basis will keep your building and equipment looking their best.

Having a commercial contractor on call to handle electrical maintenance will ensure that your facilities don't have to face a blackout or other unpleasant situations. Since there are tasks that need to be completed more frequently and less frequently, it is recommended that the building create a daily facility maintenance checklist and a monthly facility maintenance checklist. While it requires a lot of time and effort, preventive maintenance can help ensure that your commercial property is kept in excellent condition.

May Knudsen
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